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Friday, September 09, 2005

Update on the whole OBO thing.

Here's a copy of an e-mail from Jon Monteith. (FYI to Jon: sorry I couldn't go, but I had work.)

Along with two of PRIDE's officers, I decided to show up at
the RSO complex during OBO's (Orange and Blue Observer)
meeting to listen in on their plans for the Sept. 21 event
they referenced in the now infamous e-mail. This is what we

* The event is for real -- it will take place on Wednesday,
Sept. 21. OBO will have a table on the Quad that day, they
ARE going to rent the microphone equipment from 12-1, and
there will be a gun raffle drawing at 3 p.m. for a pistol
grip shotgun. It's their campus version of "National
Conservative Coming Out Day," which is apparently going to
be a nation-wide event (I guess there is enough white trash
on campuses across the country to call this a nation-wide

* They really are trying to get a big makeshift closet for
conservative students to "come out" of, essentially making a
mockery of LGBT students and the entire coming out process.
There will also be testimonials of students who will be
sharing what it was like to "come out" as a conservative.

* Tickets for the gun raffle will be sold for $5 each, and
what Leo mentioned in the first e-mail about giving out the
2 derringers for free to women and homosexuals is exactly
what he said at the meeting with OBO. Apparently he wasn't

* John Bambenek, ultra-conservative columnist for the Daily
Illini and OBO member, is going to try to publicize the
event in his column next Friday. Not sure what can be done
about that... They're also going to chalk the Quad in
preparation for the event -- and they're brainstorming for
things to write, so we should have our heads up for that.

* They're all going to try to wear red, white and blue that
day, and they're also trying to put up a "conservative safe
zone" -- probably to keep the protesters from overtaking
their event, like we did last time.

* That Friday, Leo (originator of the first e-mail and
leader of OBO) will be hosting a party at his house in
Urbana to celebrate. They're asking for police protection at
his house -- apparently the police offered this protection
at a previous house party they held, which seems weird.
Alcohol will be served (to minors?) and and they will be
doing a potluck which they have cleverly nicknamed
an "endangered species" barbeque or something like that --
spotted owl roast, I think they said -- they're pretty funny
kids. Not suggesting we join the party, but I thought I'd
mention it.

Hm. It's too bad I can't go bust some skulls. That probably wouldn't be very productive.

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  • They're doing it for attention. I-G-N-O-R-E, I say, as parents.

    Drives me nuts how conservatives like to talk down about liberals, as if liberals were no more than children, and then they pull something like this. Grow the fuck up already.

    By Blogger Velvet, at 9/09/2005 2:10 PM  

  • Hi Chris Perardi. So you want to bust some conservative skulls? You and every other liberal faux-diversity lover. Tsk tsk, guess you're not so enlightened after all.

    Hey, I'm not sure if you're a homosexual or not, but if you want to enter the derringer raffle, we can go ahead and make an exception for you.

    My treat,
    Leo Buchignani

    By Blogger Leo Buchignani, at 9/10/2005 9:29 PM  

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